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New Moon Spell

New Moon Spell. How to manifest and conjure your ceremonial intentions
using the new moon as a spiritual energy, by psychic medium Ian Scott

new moon spell

New Moon Spell Ceremonial Intentions

A new moon gives us the opportunity to release life and energy into a project or venture. By the time the next full moon arrives, you should start to see the results of your efforts. During this monthly cycle of the moon, it is important to stay positive, not expecting but preferring your wishes to have movement.

Tools For New Moon Spell

Late in the evening the night before the new moon, just before you are about to go to bed gather these items.

1. A hand full of birdseed in a small bag.

2. White candle.

3. Sandalwood incense.

4. And a peaceful mind.

Place them on a small table or anything for that matter, just to raise them off the ground. Briefly close your eyes, centre yourself relax and clear the mind. Wash your hands or shower. Sit with your tools. Light the candle and Incense. Take the birdseed out of the bag holding it in your right hand. The left hand should rest on your knee palm facing the stars.

Close your eyes visualize what you are wanting the most to happen to yourself, others and planet Earth. Try to feel what it would be like to have these things. Once you think you have achieved this, place the seed back in its bag. Blow out the candle.

Take the incense to the wealth sector of your home. ( When standing at your front door, looking into your home it is the far left-hand corner of the house structure). Place the bag of birdseed on the left-hand side of the front door, inside the house. Repeat the same visualization as you lay down to sleep.

When you awake on the day of the full moon. ( Dawn is the best time to manifest ) Take a little walk out into the sun with your bag of seed, feel the grass between your toes. Have a little whistle, call the birds around and scatter the seed for them. The birds take care of rest by carrying your spell to fruition.

You must trust them to do this and let go entirely of the thoughts you have just conjured. By letting go allows it to come back with an answer if we continue to conjure we call it back. ( To let go is to forget altogether). Warning: If you conjure thoughts of ill intent and manipulation towards others it will be rebound coming back to you tenfold. by psychic medium © Ian Scott