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Celebrating The New Moon

All about the Dark Moon. Celebrating the new moon. The spiritual,
astrological and metaphysical meaning of the new moon and how to use it.

moon planet meaning
moon planet meaning

New Moon Meaning Spiritual

Many people these days gather to celebrate the fullness of the moon at all kinds of parties at all kinds of places. When she is full we all feel a little of her lunacy – of her tugging at the tides of our emotions – and an urge to do something about this strange cleansing and Mensing that she induces.

Everything around us responds to her, the plants, the fish, the tides, our bodies and the planet herself as if under a spell of the White Goddess she represents.  On a full moon the sun, her masculine counterpart, is as far away from her as he gets.

He occupies the opposite house astrologically and she is seen as a full disc, reflecting the suns’ light as brightly as she can. On a full moon, she begins to wane and it is a favourable time for letting go. Our very cells are releasing moisture, energy, tension, as she helps us to naturally detox and move with her cycle.

About The New Moon

At the resting point of the dark moon is the point of conception. Of new beginnings. On the dark moon, they reunite and occupy the same house for a couple of days, and it is considered a resting period as the planet prepares to exhale.

It is at this time that many babies are conceived if, as nature would have it, the woman’s cycle is in sync with her rhythm. It is a time of balance where ego and emotion are as one. It is also a very powerful time for moon ritual – if you are so inclined.

So set your intentions for the next month and give thanks to the gods for helping you achieve it and just know in your heart that what you desire has already happened – you are just filling in the time between now and then. –  © Jyoti Eagles