Pheonix Bird Meaning

What is the Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning? Learn the Pheonix bird powers and metaphysical symbolism in this ancient mythological creature. Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning The spiritual meaning of the Pheonix is mystical, magical and immortal. The spiritual message of the Pheonix is learning the art of

1111 Angel Number Meaning

1111 Angel Number Meaning and significance. Do you keep seeing the numbers 11:11? what does it mean? Is it a sign from God? 1111 Angel Number Meaning 1111 Angel Number Meaning and significance is one of Myth and legend. From the ancient African, Mayan, Sumerian, Indian,

7 Chakra Symbol Meanings

Chakra symbol meanings and colours shine a way of understanding our spiritual self. Learn about the 7 chakra symbols and their spiritual influences. What Is A Chakra The word chakra is Sanskrit and translates to wheel or cycle. The chakras are energy points openings or gateways to our

Colour Spiritual Meanings

Colour meanings. Using colour therapy soothe and heal the mind and body. Create and inspire spiritual wisdom through colour. Spiritual Colour Meanings Red Spiritual Meaning Red is fiery and energetic and creates inner warmth, confidence, courage, energy, healing, strength, determination, passion, sexual attraction and keeps us