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Coming Of The Butterfly Children

Butterfly Children, coming in from the stars, here to help planet earth
and its inhabitants. Channelled information by psychic medium Ian Scott.

butterfly children since 2012
The Butterfly Star Children

Who And What Are The Butterfly Children

The butterfly children are old souls, advanced beings of the cosmos, enlightened masters here to help. Arriving on earth as early as 2012 in the masses, here to transform and enlighten us. Roughly around the age of four now, we can’t expect too much from them yet.

But by the time their 12th birthday arrives we are sure to see their impact. The butterfly children come from within the butterfly nebula within the constellation Scorpius. Residing on a peaceful spiritual planet known as the intergalactic police or the investigation star travellers.

Their Mission

The incoming souls are star seeds, the spiritual butterfly children. There is a recognition in the universe at this moment about negative influences and the downfall planet earth is facing. Caused by raping the land, by human hands. Our souls rest in a state of repression, with false information ( false light beings ) guiding us toward destruction.

And lead us away from awakening and enlightenment. The butterfly children see through the matrix of society and transform themselves each time, combating the negative influences of the planet and replacing them with positive ones.

Does Your Child Connect With The Magic Of The Butterfly

The butterfly star children have been coming since 2012, have distinct personalities and gifts. An easy harmonious birth to begin with. Healing is the number one energy they bring to us. Hence the softening of pain associated with giving birth. The mother will often feel disassociated with the baby at first. Recognizing with her own intuition, the feeling of a non-earthly baby with her. Strong love is found after a few months when the bonding and adjustment are complete.

Butterfly star children heal with love, a powerful method not yet mastered here on earth. Even at an early age, the child begins to show signs of compassion and thoughtfulness often found in old souls. A mother of a butterfly child will recognize this early at the age of around 6 months.

A remarkable understanding of the sciences and psychic intuition to boot these children cannot be mistaken. Displaying intelligence way beyond their ages. Dispelling negativity and dispersing illness is the butterfly children’s mark. Joy and happiness vibrations follow them where ever they go. Having an extremely large aura of bright gold surrounds makes it easy for a clairvoyant to recognize the butterfly children. Butterfly children inherently find a deep connection to crystals especially rose quartz.

We, Will, Notice Them

The butterfly children are here to guide us on a path of love for others ourselves and all living things including planet earth. The time now is urgent the butterfly children come through in their masses to overbalance the scale of injustice and darkness. Allowing the planet’s people to ascend and evolve.

Hence the butterfly star children will become involved with government, sciences, schools and education and the healing industry. Transforming each profession with the result being love and acceptance for all. Leading us to higher consciousness. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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