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Full Moon Calendar 2022 Astrology

An astrology moon report for each new moon and full moon
throughout the year can be found here. Full Moon Calendar 2022.

Full moon calendar 2022 Astrology
Full moon calendar 2022 Astrology

Just before the full moon, Ian Scott updates this page with the astrology aspects and the spiritual meanings of the full moon. Check in each month for updates. Or alternatively, sign up to our newsletter/email list below on the footer of the website to receive updates and new post alerts.

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Full Moon Calendar 2022

Metaphysical Nature Of The Moon

The ancients believed that the moon symbolized the Triple Goddess. Her three phases of maiden, mother, and crone were associated with the lunar phases of new, full and old. She changes form with the passing of time, from her fullness to a darkened shadow, symbolizing life and death and the transitions we all go through in between.

The unconscious mind, heightened emotions, acute responsiveness, psychic awareness, tender and strong femininity, intuition creativity and artistic flair. A reflector of the light and truth. The bright brilliant moon as the night star is associated with dreams, mind fantasy, daydreaming, moods, and subjectivity.

She influences our intuition, home, domestic nature, and nurturing qualities. The planet moon is a protective, tenacious, and instinctual character. The Sun and the Moon are known as the two eyes of the universe. The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, and it has the deepest impact on human emotions. Stirring the soul and uplifting the spirit.

Full Moon January Astrology 2022

The full moon (wolf moon) in January falls on the 17th/18th at 27 degrees in the star sign of Cancer. Affecting mostly the cardinal signs of Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn. A strange alluring full moon signifies deep personal change. Pluto opposite the moon further triggers stirring emotional activity. Such as nostalgia and feelings of sadness. It’s important to heal old wounds by letting go.

Spiritual Meaning: The 1st full moon of 2022 augers a time to gather and prepare. Finding common ground and connecting with your family on matters of the heart. Soothes and strengthens those relations. A deep spoonful of this full moon flicks overly dramatic reactions all over the place. Stay cool calm and collected this will soon pass. A good time to absorb the moon’s light in meditation. Allowing a smooth transition of this subtle but destructive energy.

Full Moon February 2022 Spiritual Meaning

Full Moon February 16th/17th at 28 degrees in the sign of Leo. A firey constructive moon giving propulsion to our personal and business projects. Although not without its challenges, motivation to push on and be successful. Is found in the synchronicity of events during the full moon.

You may discover through the full moon that commitment and hard work are two entirely different things. This full moon augers a time of energy, drive and determination. There is energy for change and movement around work, and the position you currently hold.

March Full Moon 2022 Astrology

The full moon in March 2022 falls on the 18th/19th at 27 degrees in the earth sign of Virgo. On the opposing end, the Sun is in Pisces. Giving this full moon a giant blast of power. The resonating energy of this full moon is one of clearing out what is not working in your life. And focusing on what does.

The full moon opposite Neptune offers up a mental haze blocking senses and creating emotional disturbances. All this does allow us to see what is holding us back, and what we need to work on. Important, not to make any rash decisions until this energy passes.

Some may find the full moon this month passive-aggressive and the energy a little hard to deal with.  But this in turn helps us react to the things which are not working in our lives. On a spiritual level were asked to focus our energy on what is positive and true. By doing this the negative becomes weaker in our lives. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

Full Moon April 2022 Astrology

The first full moon (pink moon) in April falls on the 16th at 26 degrees in the sign of Libra. A pleasant moon harmonises our connections with others. Bringing attention and illumination to our personal relationships with our partners, friends and family.

Saturn strengthens this aspect by singing its tune with the sun and moon. Love is in the air for all those singles out there. But be warned we are all looking for a lot more than we’ve had before. You may find it difficult to please your criteria.

If your relationships are troubled this full moon could turn out to be quite a challenge. Opening the window to the problems that face you. And are about to come to the forefront of your awareness. Forcing you to deal with whatever is in front of you.

April 19 begins the earth sign Taurus cycle. A time when our focus is on commitments and the direction our life is pointing. A re-evaluation on an emotional level. Brings about change to our personal compass. Augering the question what do I really want from life and am I on the path already to achieve that?

Full Moon May 2022 Spiritual Meaning

The full moon in May falls on the 16th at 25 degrees in the sign of Scorpio and is a total lunar eclipse. The energy that falls to earth from the galaxies this month is highly filtered due to the lunar eclipse. Our shadow selves, the hidden personal self are now being questioned. And a light shone on the shadows of secrets and darkness.

Full awareness and a highly tuned mind are the rewards of ascension. But to reach this point all corners of ourselves become open for us to see. Some of which we may not like. This is though the perfect opportunity to align oneself with the things that do make us proud. Proud to be you.

If we allow it to, our mind is able to be set on autopilot. Taking all consciousness and self-awareness away. We find ourselves just doing and living with no real feeling or purpose or not even knowing why. The full moon this May is an ascension moment. Actually, the whole planet and its people are in an ascension moment. It’s the choices and decisions we make now that will determine our backward or forward movement. The next new moon in May falls on the 30th at 9 degrees in the star sign of Gemini. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Super Full Moon June 2022 Astrology

The full moon in June is on the 14th at 23 degrees in the sign of Sagittarius and is a super full moon. A beautiful, powerful strawberry super moon lights up our earth and our hearts with joy. A celebratory moon with Neptune going retrograde on the 28th of June further simulates stress relief.

The omnipresence of this month’s super full moon is calming, and intuitive and helps coax others out of extreme moods and behaviour. Bringing about a constructive state of mind and body health. A super moon that brings guiding influence for all in tune and concerned.

The spiritual meaning behind the June supermoon is that love is all around us. Despite the world showing us the opposite much of the time. It’s up to us to change our view of the world and be willing to open our hearts. The earthly potential to give and receive love is now stronger than ever. Live you’re knowing and become wiser. The new moon in June falls on the 28th/29th at 7 degrees, in the star sign of Cancer.

Full Moon July 2022 Astrology

The super full moon in July is on the 13th at 21 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. All signs of the zodiac will feel the presence of power this July full moon. It’s what we decide to do with that power, that determines fortunate or unfortunate outcomes this month.

With strong emotional energy, like lightning, this full moon could prove a little too much for some. The key is in the star sign in which the moon sits. Capricorn is an earth sign, pointing us towards staying grounded and rooted in what we know. So when things get a little turbulent around us we are able to stay calm and react with wisdom.

This full moon rouses us from the inactivity of the past, and or holding ourselves back from life. Now is the time to realize our skills and gifts and shake ourselves into action. Leaving the past behind and awakening to our full potential. Keep moving, all movement is growing. Time to grow beyond old directions and create something new. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott. The new moon in July falls on the 28th at 5 degrees in the star sign of Leo.

Full Moon August 2022 Astrology

The full moon in August lies on the 11th at 19 degrees in the sign of Aquarius at 9:36 pm ET. Astrology aspects: Moon conjunct Saturn square Uranus/Mars. An emotionally charged full moon that reaches our very soul. Stirring up our feelings of inaction, knowing the actions we need to take to move forward.

This August’s full moon augers a time of divine intervention. Delayed success: Plans change abruptly and delays will be inevitable. But within these alterations lies a saviour. The changes are divine intervention.

When things go array it is a universal sign, meaning you may need to reinvent your progression and rethink your involvement. For your project and or next step to take in life. This realignment of thought and action leads to the success you were looking for.

The spiritual meaning behind the full moon is forgiveness of your own weaknesses. Forgiveness is a sign of strength and not a demonstration of cowardness. When we find forgiveness it’s not a sign that we are allowing ourselves to be dishonoured again.

Putting up clear boundaries and saying “no” to things that are unhealthy for us is the strength of learning forgiveness. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and celebrate them as your strengths. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott. The new moon in August falls on the 27th at 4 degrees in the sign of Virgo.

Full Moon September 2022 Astrology

The full moon in September is on the 10th at 17d degrees in the star sign of Pisces. An accumulation of negative and positive energies wrestles with some of us this month. A yin-yang full moon with plenty of surprises. The water signs will feel the brunt of this energy Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

We are being tested this month with the universe throwing up in front of us the very things we need to work on. This may cause some grief as karma plays a role in the coming events. Expect the unexpected. And follow your intuition. Passing, means you maintain your peace of mind even during confusing times of emotional displacement.

Time to make a wish, plan now for the next 6 coming months, of realization awakening and new fresh pathways to follow. Creation is now at our fingertips. Dream your highest, and put the lows down deep so they don’t annoy you. While healing with passion excitement and a new love for life. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott. The new moon in September falls on the 25th at 2 degrees in the sign of Libra.

Full Moon October 2022 Meaning

The full moon in October falls on the 9th at 16 degrees in the (the spark that ignites the fire) star sign of Aries. This month of October proves to be a major turning point in human history. With Mars going retrograde towards the end of the month. The planets align to fuel the winds of fire and brimstone. This energy is so powerful it’s already filtering through the skies.

As the universe predicts a cataclysmic event is always made of many factors. A compounding set of circumstances set further in motion by the Eclipse season. Which also starts this month. Saturn and Uranus have a fistfight during the eclipse period which further adds to the chaos.  Mars the god of war has never been more prominent. The tension and anxiety on the full moon are a lead-up to the earth’s October energy.

Hang to your hats everybody, we’re in for a hell of a ride. The forces of good and evil, psychopathic and empathic are now at war. Gather your spiritual forces and all you know and prepare. The Earth is about to go through the biggest change of power it has ever seen.

It will put an end to the red vs blue power play dynamics. Intervention from other places in the galaxy has not prevailed. This is earth’s inevitable fate. Through the chaos, peace prevails. It comes from generations and generations of breeding psychopaths for war.

Entire countries have succumbed to this fate. When peace is chosen and allowed to reign the breeding of empaths is the pattern. Gather now the forces of the warrior empaths. The new moon in October falls on the 25th at 2 degrees ( the sting of war) Scorpio and is a partial solar eclipse. © as channelled by Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

Full Moon November 2022 Astrology

The full moon in November falls on the 8th at 16 degrees in the sign of Taurus and is a total lunar eclipse. Change is on our doorstep with the bull showing his horns and pointing the way.

With practicality in mind, new pathways and avenues are explored. The energy this month is one of fresh light. A different approach to things around you brings about resolution and forward movement.

Stagnation has played a part in us all. But now is the time to release the flow of water in our lives. New projects are highlighted this month with the fire of creativity at the forefront of this lunar eclipse.

The shadow side of the November full moon reveals the darkness present within our own minds. With the enlightenment of light around us, the changes we need to make are made easier. The new moon in November is on the 23rd at 1 degree in the sign of Sagittarius. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 2022


Full Moon December 2022 Astrology

The full moon in December falls on the 7th at 16 degrees in the sign of Gemini. December the month is inherently marked with abundance. Love and the planet Venus, security, freedom, happiness, support and finances are the focus of this months full moon.

The ebb and flow of the universe and life itself is made of love. If you’re an energy being of love, you’re not separate from the whole or what you desire. To bring abundance forward in your life, let go of limited expectations and say “yes” I’m worthy. Participate in the festive spiritual month of December and all it brings, and you shall receive the rewards for your efforts.

Abundance is a state of mind always be grateful for what you already have, everyday. Within this gratefulness is the magic to spark positivity. Positive thought invites love, love invites happiness, happiness invites abundance.

There is a simple equation, just maths my spirit guides say. “Positive energy invites love, love invites angels, angels invite life”. “Negative energy invites hate, hate invites, demons invite death”. This equation decides wether we are in the ebb and flow of the universe. Or fighting against it, bringing us nothing but pain.

This December Gemini moon highlights these spiritual lessons perfectly. The new moon in December falls on the 23rd at 1 degree in the sign of Capricorn and is a super new moon. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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