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Moon Planet Meaning Astrology

The moon planet meaning astrology bright brilliant moon as the night star she is
associated with dreams, the unconscious, moods, and subjectivity.

moon planet meaning
moon astrology influences

The ancients believed that the moon symbolized the Triple Goddess. Her three phases of maiden, mother, and crone were associated with the lunar phases of new, full and old. She changes form with the passing of time, from her fullness to a darkened shadow, symbolizing life and death and the transitions we all go through in between.

Moon Planet Meaning Astrology

The unconscious mind, heightened emotions, acute responsiveness, psychic awareness, tender and strong femininity, intuition creativity and artistic flair. A reflector of the light and truth. The bright brilliant moon as the night star is associated with dreams, mind fantasy, daydreaming, moods, and subjectivity.

She influences our intuition, home, domestic nature, and nurturing qualities. The planet moon is a protective, tenacious, and instinctual character. The Sun and the Moon are known as the two eyes of the universe. The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, and it has the deepest impact upon human emotions. Stirring the soul and uplifting the spirit.

Moon Gods: All moon triple goddesses.
Moon Astrology meaning: Rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus.
Rune Stone: Hagalaz
Medical Astrology: Represents the chest cavity, the uterus, the stomach, and the breasts.

There is a whole science of ritual and magical expression designed around the moon and her cycles. It has fascinated and entranced humanity for thousands of years. Being both feared and worshipped. The moon has held a mystical place in the history of human culture ever since life began.

All around the globe Moon Gods and Goddesses have played a significant part in ancient history and myth, not just because of the known influence on agriculture, fertility, and the ocean’s tides, but for its known influence and association with the 28-day cycle of a woman’s menstruation and the pull we all feel to reflect. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott