Ascension Meditation

Ascension meditation, spiritual and guided, to help raise the consciousness
of the earth and its people. From Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles.

ascension meditation


Ascension Meditation

Sitting or lying comfortably where you are, activate your light body by taking nine deep breaths, filling your body with the light, on the in-breath and releasing all the tension and business of the day on the out-breath.

1 breathing in light, out with the tension
2.Filling your body with light letting go
3 Radiating with light
4 Glowing with radiant light  letting go of the darkness
5 Pulsating with light. Feeling more and more relaxed
6 Breathing in a glowing light. Letting it all go.
7 in white, out black
8 in. Out.
9 Relax.

You find yourself sitting in the centre of an ancient grove of giant oak trees. It is night time and the stars twinkle brightly through the canopy above. You recognise that the light that shines through them is also within you.

The earth beneath you is warm and welcoming and full of its own innate wisdom and life force. Say to yourself “above me ski, beneath me earth, around my life and within me, love”.

Take a few gentle breaths whilst you recognise this in your being.

Then say… Deep within the centre of my being may I find peace.
Silently within the centre of the five may I share peace
Calmly within the greater circle of mankind may I radiate peace.

You become aware of the presence of wise being wearing a night blue robe and carrying a wooden staff which has brass bells tied to it. He strikes the ground three times and the bells make a sound that clears your energy field and activate a vibration in the grove that carries you to a higher frequency

Without speaking he turns towards the eastern quarter of the circle and asks you to follow. You are walking through an ancient forest which has been there for a millennium and holds the knowledge of all that is, all that was and all that will be.

You feel a part of this ancient place and make a mental note to rerun at some time to commune with and soak up its wisdom, but now you have come across a babbling brook which attracts your attention. The sound of the water brings a deeper sense of peace and clarity to your being.  You follow the guardian into the shallow water and cross the brook.

He pulls aside some vines that hang from the side of a boulder on the other side and reveals the entrance to a giant cave. You enter along a well-trodden path that leads you deep into the mother’s belly and before you are thousands of quartz crystals of all shapes and sizes.

You are in awe of their beauty. They shine an inner light that fills the cave and you are directed to sit in the centre of this space and listen to their guidance You somehow know that they are a part of an entire grid system for the planet which has been recently activated and adjusted to a fourth-dimensional frequency.

You send your awareness along these leylines and intentionally share in spreading this energy through the world. To all the kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral.
May it all be filled with and radiate the frequency of love and harmony. Spend some time focusing on this and see what you are guided to do.

Long pause

It is now time to return to the cave and to thank the crystals and your guardian for their help. You follow the wise being back along the path to the cave’s entrance, across the babbling brook, back through the forest and to the ancient grove where you started.

You can come here any time to continue this work but for now, you must return to the here and now. The guardian taps his staff on the ground saying the circle is ended but unbroken. as he disappears and you snap back to reality.

Stretch your body and take a few big breaths. Write in your journal of your experience and dedicate yourself to do the inner work you personally need to lift your vibration to align with the frequency you have just experienced. Blessed be © Jyoti Eagles