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Spring Equinox Meaning

Spring Equinox meaning Wiccan traditions it is also known as Ostara on
the wheel of the year. Ostara comes from the word Eostre, Goddess of Spring.

Spring Equinox meaning
Alban Eilir Spring Equinox

The spring equinox falls on September the 22nd in the southern hemisphere
and the 21st – 22nd of March in the northern hemisphere.

Direction: East
Element Air
Animal Spirit: Bat

Spring Equinox Definition

Whilst the Goddess of Spring stirs at Imbolc – she is truly awake at the second of the Spring festivals. Light is on the increase, but at Alban Eiler, the light and dark are equally balanced and provide us with a wonderful opportunity to find balance within our lives. It was traditionally celebrated out of doors, and our ancestors relished in the opportunity to welcome the renewal of life and the fertility of the soil.

Spring Equinox Meaning

The meaning of Alban Eiler is ‘Light of the Earth.’ As Druidry was an oral tradition, there is no surviving written document that gives evidence of the equinoxes being celebrated in ancient time, but as the Christians have plagiarized most of the Celtic celebrations, it would appear that this was certainly a part of the ancient druidic wheel.

In Pagan and Wiccan traditions it is also known as Ostara on the wheel of the year. Ostara comes from the word Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, whose favourite animal was the Hare. She is said to have mated with a fertility god at this time, giving birth nine months later at the Winter Solstice. The Christian Church adopted this festival as Easter and the Easter Bunny.

Other popular interpretations of this legend are that Eostre found a wounded bird on the ground in late winter, and to save its life she transformed it into a hare. But the transformation was not complete. The bird took the appearance of a hare but retained the ability to lay eggs. So each Spring festival, as a sign of her fertility and gratitude, the hare would decorate these eggs and leave them as a gift to Eostre.

By now our ancestors were feeling a little toey and hormones were running rampant amongst the tribes. The Spring equinox is a time where natures fertility goes a little crazy. You’ve heard the saying “as mad as a March hare”! At this time in the northern hemisphere, the female of the species can conceive a second litter of kittens whilst already pregnant with the first. The males bounce around erratically with frustration when they are rejected by their mates and mayhem is all around.

Wheel Of The Year

The Albans are placed around the ritual circle in order of their season. Spring is in the East, which represents the element of Air. At this time of the year, the sun rises due east so it is an ideal time to tune into the element of Air and its qualities of inspiration, rebirth, morning and Spring. Your intuition should be heightened at this time as Spring is certainly in the air.

Spring Equinox Ritual

The Spring Equinox. Using its timely presence to gather what is needed in life to continue on through to the summer. The word equinox translated from Latin means equal night. A time when light and dark are balanced equally. Which is the energy we are all working with at this moment in our ascension, “equality”

The spring equinox represents the light of the earth, a renewal, a time when all is fertile. The life-giving sunlight comes from the east and the magic is literally in the air. The spring equinox is the time we cleanse, purify, renew, and reset.

All things need to be cleansed and renewed, our home, our cars, our workplace, and our mind, body, and spirit. This is the set-up the preparation for the spring equinox with these completed before the 22nd of September carries this energy forward all year. Think of this spring equinox ritual as a chance to have a new start a new beginning. A fresh positive growing energy to enter in the wind of spring.

With the renewal of life all around us.  A magic window appears where we can breathe new life into relationships, self-made businesses or family and friends. Forgiveness compassion and chances for all are awarded in spring. Provided we cleanse and purify to bring and allow this energy to come in. Make this a priority leading up to the event and watch as happiness and change for the better enter your life. A richness of relationships is found through these means.

The spring equinox is also the perfect time for removing obstacles or blocks you’re experiencing. Look for new approaches to things that are not working for you at present. Change things around you, even if it is only the furniture as this movement often brings more movement.

Put in place now your thoughts on what it is your wanting to come alive and true for you this coming future chapter. Have them strongly in mind when meditating during the spring equinox. Clean out, refresh, reset, forgive, move on, move forward. © psychic medium Ian Scott 

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