A Druids Poem

A Druids Poem. A journey into the land and people of the druids.
Spiritual poetry for that special kind of inspiration.

Druids poem
A Druids Poem

A Druids Poem Of Magic And Adventure

The ancient forest calls you
And the Tree Gods sound your name
And you know you have to go there
To this place from whence you came.

Through the labyrinth to the cauldron
To the centre of the All
Where the bards, ovates and druids
Help prepare you for the role
Put on a mask and play with me.

The challenge has been struck
To don, you’re chosen weaponry
And try your fated luck
I will play victim, you play martyr
They will control and we can barter

For each of us must plot our chosen course
And play this game of life
Without remorse
Its all a game
A joyous playful dance

But on this stage of weaponry
We all must take a chance
Assuming roles of lover, murderer and wife
and balancing our Karma
In ego riddled life
And Merlin lingers in the wings
Of each created set

To ensure that bonds of truth
And honour will be met
And Cerridwin and Bridie
And the Salmon and the Stag
Gently wrap you in your costume
And stitch up your leather bag
And they throw you in the waters

To gestate yet one more time
As you lay there with the Arwin
And you learn to walk the line
The ripples on the pond forever spread
And intertwine with living and with dead
And where do you begin and do I end
In this frenzied weaponry pretend.

For on this web we walk a line of silk
Embracing lands of honey and of milk
Of cruelty and of suffering and pain
The prisoner of our anguish
If we choose there to remain.

The ego dons its shield of blood and bone
Encoded with a map to journey home
A journey we all glean is something more
Or is it just a memory of before?
The dance of four created long ago.

Is also part and parcel of the show,
The weapons that we choose to fill this role.
Are also part and parcel of the whole
The wheel of fortune spins its destined path
And we lay spinning in the aftermath.

Bouncing from utopia to hell
Duality deludes us all so well.
Find the centre. There is a place
To realize a moment grace

But in this gap, another world exists
Of weaponry and masks that must be fixed.
And the only weapon needed here is love
To unite that spark within us and above
Acceptance is the key
On this path to mastery.

Call it Creation, God or Force
It keeps each one of us on course
And like the fool encompassing the All
Rejoice in the surrender of the Fall

For beyond this living world we know
The Mystery conducts another show
Awaiting our awareness to perceive
Realities we may not yet believe. – Jyoti Eagles

Sentient Metaphysics