1111 Angel Number Meaning

1111 Angel Number Meaning and significance. Do you keep seeing
the numbers 11:11? what does it mean? Is it a sign from God?

1111 angel number meaning
Seeing 11:11 repeatedly?

1111 Angel Number Meaning

1111 Angel Number Meaning and significance is one of Myth and legend. From the ancient African, Mayan, Sumerian, Indian, Egyptian, and even the Native American and Australian spiritual traditions. All have found images of beings depicted with wings. It seems that our ancestors looked to these beings for spiritual guidance and we now call them angels.

It seems that their guidance still somehow penetrates our awareness and they appear to us at times of need and growth.  11:11 is interpreted as a gateway or portal to higher dimensions which is highly significant as we approach our transition to fourth-dimensional beings at the end of this current 25,000-year galactic cycle.

Eleven eleven angel number meaning is an awakening code and our angels are here to help and support our growth and to help lift our vibration. We are at the dawn of a planetary ascension; a gateway to a new way of being and this gateway offers us the opportunity to expand our consciousness, raise our vibration, perceive higher spiritual realities, and infuse our life with the energy of spiritual new beginnings.

Metaphysical Symbolism Of Seeing 11:11

If you find yourself looking at your clock at 11:11 or continually see this number it is not random. It is happening more and more to more and more people. Your guides are tapping you on the shoulder to remind you to expand your consciousness and catch a glimpse of what is really possible for you to create and experience in your life in the here and now. They are saying it’s time to awaken.

When you notice 11:11 take note of your thoughts and check-in. If your spirit guides have gone to the effort of contacting you it is wise to acknowledge them as they love it when they can get through to you. But you have to do your part or they will move on to the next receptive vessel as we are a part of a collective totality.  We have all but lost the ability to connect and trust these communications but this doorway also offers you a way to listen with your heart.

It has been scientifically proven that we have brain cells located in our hearts. In fact, the first original 4 cells which were you in the womb are the beginning of your life when your heart built your body around itself. You could say it had a mind of its own.  The mind and the heart are not separate and are designed to work in harmonic resonance.

Slow your breathing and take your awareness to your heart center. If it helps, place your hand on your heart to drop into this center and open yourself to receiving any message your guides may be wanting to share.  Heart messages are those instant thoughts or feelings before the analytical mind kicks in. You will grow to trust it and know it with practice.

What does 11:11 mean in love

As transitioning fourth-dimensional beings we are moving from this over-analysis of the mind into beings of love and compassion. Of love and service to others rather than to self. Hopefully, we are entering an era of peace and harmony on the planet and of love rather than fear and conflict.

If you contemplate the complexity and synchronicity of the human body, conflict is not nature’s way. Every system works with and in support of each other. If it doesn’t, we have a disease. We are all individual cells in a collective body of humankind and we each have our own function and responsibility to tap into our innate healing power and contribute to its total homeostasis. Third density ego is what makes us competitive and aggressive and we must outgrow this story. We are not separate.

Sound Synchronicity

As we know everything is vibration and an interesting scientific fact about our planet is the earth’s magnetic field resonance frequency is .11 hertz. By synchronizing our heart and our brain in the above exercise and in daily meditation, we create heart/brain harmony and guess what!  It creates a frequent of.11 hertz. Apparently we are the only form of life that can initiate this on-demand. I believe that this is the true meaning of the 11:11 code.

Genetic experts have revealed that 200,000 years ago the second strand of our DNA was spliced somehow and there was a great leap in consciousness and a dramatic change in the direction of our evolutionary process. It has had the Darwinians baffled for decades until we developed the technology to decode this fact.

The myths and legends  I mentioned at the beginning of this article talks of beings who visited around the globe, who taught us the language, primitive technology, agriculture and spiritual teachings to help us on our way.

11:11 Meaning In The Bible

The bible talks about people such as Ezekiel, Abraham, and Enoch who describe spacecraft and ET’s in great detail. They describe benevolent beings who had wings and radiated light around their crown chakra. Are these our gods?  Our angels who have been watching over us as we head towards this long-awaited portal into a new dimension?

By just changing the word “heaven” to the universe and “angels” to benevolent ET’s, we realize that we are not alone and probably a part of a great galactic family. And that there is a confederation of divine beings who are here to help and are telling us it’s time to wake up and experience our true connections to source.

Tune into the frequency of the earth and let’s do this!!  For beyond this living world we know there await realities and dimensions we have not been able to perceive in our third-dimensional experience. The portal is right in front of you. Your heart is the key. Open it and walkthrough. © Druid Priestess –  Jyoti Eagles

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